ESC Tekstil

The fact that textile production in Bursa extended back to the founding periods of the Ottoman Empire and even the Seljuk period, and the Turkish fabrics that reached Europe gained great popularity, gave Bursa a rightful reputation and made Bursa the textile production center of the country. Believing that clothing and home textile needs are an indispensable basic requirement for today's people, our founder has never had difficulty in choosing a profession unique to the city he lives in, and has been producing in different areas of textile since 1980.

Our company, that started production in home textile industry with the aim of export in 1996; while transforming yarn into fabric, fabric into art, skillful hands have combined western and eastern melodies with the elegance of their designs with sustainable quality.

Creative designs in line with the colour and pattern trends of the world, with a customer-oriented approach, production have been delivered to countless locations. While contributing to the society with the awareness of social responsiblity, our company has documented its respect to European Union harmonisation laws and human rights for emloyees with SMETA Report.

We are at your service with our companies, ESC Tekstil A.S., TOKBAY Tekstil A.S., ESC Dosemelik ve Perdelik Ltd and with our store – namely RASS KUMAS- in Istanbul Kalamis.

If your path falls to Bursa on the Silk Road, the smiling faces of our staff will welcome you.


To lead the sector and to become the primary choice of consumers, by using the most appropriate combination of creativity, technology and manpower and by combining the quality and service at world standards with a respectable, reliable, environmentally sensitive, multinational identity.

To produce consistently and continuously by adopting the development philosophy that will meet the needs and expectations of customers with different cultures and tastes.

Considering ethical principles in each phase of making business and doing our job properly.

Considering the rightful customer requests, looking at every part of job we are doing and will be doing with the eyes of customers, being the consultant of our customers and meeting the needs of our customers.

Based on the fact that the customers do not have time, to complete every activity as soon as possible and not to delay any process and decisions.

Creating positive differences for our customers in each phase of product, production and consumption chain, that are not available in our competitors and considering different ideas as alternatives.

Competing with ourselves, always seeking and applying ways; for being better, reaching higher quality, being more efficient by questioning ourselves.

To keep our words without sacrificing honesty and diligence, and always to consider the interests of our customers before our own interests.

Being sensitive to the environment, protecting the environment