The textile production dating back to early Ottoman Empire era, boasted Bursa a fame and
city had become the textile centre of Turkey. Our founder, has been involved in various branches of textile production since 1980, by considering the fact that textile production in this city is typical and it is a main necessity for people and homes.

                 We focused the company’s production on the home textile sector since 1996, bringing together a talented, creative and skilled workforce, which supplies, quality home textiles, carrying inspirations from Eastern and Western creations.

                 Trendy designs and colours with creative developments, has been supplied to many points in 3 different continents, on time and with a customer based approach, under the brand mane: RASS.
We hold SMETA certificates in recognition of our compliance with the European Union
Adjustment and Human Rights Regulations.
                 E.S.C. Textile staff will be happy to welcome visitors to our factory in Bursa, on the silk road.

                 Also, our showroom in Kalamis Istanbul gives retail service, under the name; RASS KUMAS.

                 The companies in our group are; E.S.C. TEKSTIL Inc, E.S.C. DOSEMELIK VE PERDELIK KUMAS LTD., and TOKBAY TEKSTIL Inc.



• To become consumers’ first choice; by gathering the most efficient synthesis of innovation,
technology and human force factors, to reach world class quality and service standards,
combined with environmental and social responsibilities of a leading multinational company.
• Taking ‘quality’ as a major factor in each step of production. To produce goods, that will
maximize customer expectations in terms of quality, reliability and lead time, by taking
continuous development as our philosophy.
To take care of ethical principles.

• Taking customer claims into consideration, to look at all issues from customer’s point of view,
to be a consultant for our customers and to satisfy customer needs.
• To complete each process as soon as possible and not to delay decisions to be taken, by
being aware of time is very important for our customers.
• To be different in favour of our customers and taking different ideas as alternatives, in every
extent of product, production and consumption chain.
• To look for alternative models to increase our efficiency and quality by questioning and
competing with ourselves.
• Always keeping our promises and taking care of our customers’ benefits, by being honest
and hard working.
• Being an environmentally-conscious company.


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